16 commands about how to monitor network bandwidth on Linux server

Linux Network Monitoring This post mentions Linux command line tools that can be used to monitor network usage. These tools monitor the traffic flowing through the network interfaces and to ...

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linux hardware information1

14 commands to see hardware information on Linux

As with everything, there are many commands to verify the information on the hardware of your Linux system. Some commands report only specific hardware components like CPU or memory while ...

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How to Install Xfce on Debian 7 wheezy

How to Install Xfce on Debian 7 wheezy

Xfce Desktop Xfce is a system of lightweight desktop environment for Linux, and is a good alternative to the complex and awkward gnome. In this post I’ll show you how ...

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How to solve System program problem detected error on Ubuntu

How to solve “System program problem detected” error on Ubuntu

The “problem of the system program has been detected” error happens when some application hangs. Ubuntu has a PWA is responsible for detecting these collisions and with the consent of ...

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Benchmark graphics card GPU performance on Linux with glmark

Benchmark graphics card GPU performance on Linux with glmark

Graphics performance Recently, when I added a new nvidia graphics in one of my workstation card, I’m curious to measure and compare the power of the graphics card it was ...

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How to get graphics card GPU details on Linux

How to get graphics card (GPU) details on Linux

GPU (Graphics processing units) You need to find the right model and the supplier of the graphics card in your system to be able to install the appropriate drivers and ...

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disk space in linux

8 commands to check hard disk partitions & disk space on Linux

In this post we take a look at some commands that can be used to check the partitions on your system. The commands check what partitions there are on each ...

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How to get max traffic from reddit – tips for bloggers

Bloggers are always looking to share links on social bookmarking websites and reddit is one of the most common. For blogs on software programming and technology reddit can send quite ...

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Google Adsense

Simple tips to increase your google adsense cpc

Cost per click is the amount google pays for a particular click that was generated on an ad on your website. This is not constant and can vary a lot ...

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Optimize MySQL database for speed and efficiency – Part 1

Database Schemas Databases are present in almost all kinds of application that need to store information in some form or the other. Web applications like blogs, cms, social networking sites ...

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