Extended Validation SSL

An EV Certificate is a new type of certificate that is designed to prevent phishing attacks better than normal SSL certificates. What makes an EV Certificate so special? An SSL Certificate Provider has to do some extensive validation to give you one including:


  • Verifying that your organization is legally registered and active
  • Verifying the address and phone number of your organization
  • Verifying that your organization has exclusive right to use the domain specified in the EV Certificate
  • Verifying that the person ordering the certificate has been authorized by the organization
  • Verifying that your organization is not on any government blacklists



Extended validation takes up to 10 business days. Your company name must be registered with the appropriate Government Registration Agency in the country or state you apply from. The organization name listed in the certificate must exactly match the confirmed name. There can’t be any misspellings, unregistered acronyms or abbreviations; corporate identifiers such as “Inc”, “Corp”, “LLC”, “Ltd” and “Pty Ltd” in CSR must match the ones in legal name.

Your company must have been registered and in existence for longer than 3 years, otherwise additional paperwork is required. Phone number and address must match the ones available in third-party public telephone listings. Any discrepancies between the address named in the certificate application and the address listed for the organization in official sources must be corrected prior to issuance.

The domain name you apply with must be registered to your organization’s legal name in a publicly viewable WHOIS search, and the address on WHOIS must match the one in CSR. Any WHOIS privacy protection tools must be turned off.

Extended validation certificates require an organizational contact, which must be an employee (not a contractor or short-term worker) and have the authority to purchase EV SSL on behalf of the company — preferably an executive with the title of VP, Officer, CEO, CIO, etc. They are to sign a subscriber agreement and send it back to SSL provider — the last circle of hell before SSL Company can sign and issue an EV SSL for you.

  • Dedicated IP price: RS.3,500/-
  • All prices are promotional, limited time offer.

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