Details About Domain Pricing

Domain NamePricingDurationFull AccessOrder Option
.comRs. 1400One yearOrder Now
.netRs. 1900One yearOrder Now
.orgRs. 1800One yearOrder Now
.infoRs. 1600One yearOrder Now
.bizRs. 2300One yearOrder Now
.ukRs. 1500One yearOrder Now
.co.ukRs. 1800One yearOrder Now
.org.ukRs. 1800One yearOrder Now
.me.ukRs. 1800One yearOrder Now
.nameRs. 1400One yearOrder Now
.usRs. 1250One yearOrder Now
.inRs. 2700One yearOrder Now
.tvRs. 5400One yearOrder Now
.deRs. 1600One yearOrder Now
.coRs. 4500One yearOrder Now
.asiaRs. 2700One yearOrder Now
.meRs. 4700One yearOrder Now
.pkRs. 2100Two yearsOrder Now
.com.pkRs. 2100Two yearsOrder Now
.net.pkRs. 2100Two yearsOrder Now
.org.pkRs. 2100Two yearsOrder Now
.edu.pkRs. 2100Two yearsOrder Now
.xyzRs. 1900One YearOrder Now
.caRs. 2500One YearOrder Now

Cheap Domain Registration

Easy Domain Registration
If Looking for domain names is your current mood then you have reached on right platform where you can easily and rapidly get a desired domain name at very affordable price for either famous TLDs or ccTLDs. We have covered you with many options in this regard like DNS management, ID protection and domain theft protection, and all these feature are available for free if you register a domain name with us. Most importantly we never asked our customers to pay extra on renewal of the domains while other service providers are doing this without letting people know before.

We are also standing by you every time you need our support regarding domain registration or even after domain name registration. Our availability is based on live chat, email contact and ticket-booking and phone call.

In most of the cases people demand hosting along with domain name registration, we also feel happy to fulfill those demands as we offer reliable hosting service by Swift-Server platform. Most importantly to know for you is we provide scalable and flexible hosting solution which means you don’t need to change your mind for any other service provider. If your website grows, you can anytime ask for more.

What is Domain?
A domain name is the only and unique identification of any website. This is the address that we normally write in web browser to open the website. For instance, if you want to open our website you are going to write in www.xoftmade.com in your browser, this is called domain name. Get started with us and let us serve you for domain name registration.

What is DNS?
DNS is like phone book over the internet and it is abbreviated as domain name system. This phonebook holds list of IP addresses and every IP address is source of communication between the computers. Every website on the hosted server is always identified through its IP address. IP addresses are never easy to remember as they are strings of numbers, therefore websites got domain names, so people enter domain name in the browser. Here is the point where DNS system acts, it translate the domain name into an IP address and if that IP address is found on your hosting, it opens the website.

.PK Domain Registration
For .PK domain registration, Xoftmade provides cheap and competitive price solution with easy-to-use cPanel facility and the facility of auto installation of web applications. We have made web hosting in Pakistan very simple through providing service of email and website. Our main goal is to facilitate people of Pakistan with low-cost domains & web hosting. We proudly provide .pk, .com.pk, .net.pk, .org.pk, .edu.pk, .web.pk ccTLDs namespace. We are sure about it that we are all-in-one solution for your .pk domain registration; therefore, people put their trust on us whenever they need to have secured Pakistan based extension.

.Edu.pk Domain Registration
We provide facility to register domain name for your educational institutes in Pakistan on very cheap rates. You can register a .edu.pk domain from us on affordable prices ever. There is a documentation requirement to fulfil before .edu.pk domain registration.

Documents Required to Register .Edu.Pk Domain
There are some documents required to present before .edu.pk domain registration. These documents are:

Copy of Institution’s Affiliation with any Govt. Institute
Written request to register .edu.pk domain on institute’s letter head duly signed by Head of Institute.
CNIC copy of Institute’s Head

All above said documents required to approve before .edu.pk domain registration.

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