Rs. 1800/m

  • 50GB FTP Space
  • Automated (Twice a Month)


Rs. 3300/m

  • 100GB FTP Space
  • Automated (Twice a Month)


Rs. 6300/m

  • 500GB FTP Space
  • Automated (3 Times a Month)


Rs. 11100/m

  • 1TB FTP Space
  • Automated (Every Week)


Rs. 18600/m

  • 2TB FTP Space
  • Automated (Every Week + 1 Monthly)


Rs. 0/m

  • Need More GB’s
  • Talk to us for customized solutions.

Protect Your Server With FTP Backups

You are all set to start your journey through purchasing dedicated server for your several operations and reasons with so many clients who access your server using uncountable http requests, generate countless MySQL quires and everything is going fine and perfect.

But suddenly what happens! Your hardware gone failure, now what you are going to do if you don’t have any backup option. Usually, this scenario happens with everyone because mistakes can happen anytime which could lead to data loss.

You don’t worry if you are not prepared for this because here with us this matter can be resolved by using a backup server to store all your important data. We provide best solutions for data backups of your server. You can restore your data at any time because our FTP Backup Service ensures the safety of your data. We create data backups through several schedule times as per your requirement. You can ask us whether you want backup of your data on daily bases, weekly bases, fortnightly based or even monthly bases.

We are providing this facility only for cPanel/WHM based servers, either you are on VPS or dedicated server; you can get our FTP backup service to store your server data on third-party location point. You can get storage facility using one of our plans or even call us for more details.


Yes, right now its only for cPanel based servers, whereas WHM is offering Backup option to FTP location.

We will provide you a FTP backup access point which will only be access by your server IP, you can set it to your WHM as FTP location. Don’t worry we will be providing all the support for integration.

Yes you can access your FTP account by Filezilla, where you can download files on your normal PC. We enabled this feature just to make it easier for you. This way a lay man can also operate things as his own.

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