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Restoring an Mysql Database is so easy now due to PHPMyAdmin application in most of Hosting control panels. But sometime database size is big enough that cause issues in restoration. Big sized database restoration may cause session time out or any errors that may occur due to out dated sql versions etc. So there is a basic way of restoring the .sql file using SSH command without any issue.

Lets check the restoration way of .SQL file. The file must be in .sql format. It can not be compressed in a .zip or .tar.gz file.

1. Upload the SQL file to the server via the file manager or an FTP client.

2. If the database does not exist, please create a database, a user, and give the user full privileges to the database. Note the username and password.

3. Log into the server through SSH

4. Navigate to the directory where your .sql file is.

5. Type in this command:
mysql -p -u user_name database_name < file.sql

(replace ‘user_name’, ‘database_name’, and ‘file.sql’ with the actual name.)

6. You will be prompted for your database user password, and then your database will be imported.

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