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Now a days customers are facing SMTP failure issues with Storm Fiber Internet in Pakistan. Here we are going to discuss this issue and its solution.

If you are using Storm Fiber Internet Connection and you want to use your website email addresses / company domain email addresses such as, you wont be able to use that as SMTP in your mobiles or outlook on your computers using Storm Fiber Internet.

We have a conversation with Storm Fiber Network team and they said, “We have disabled smtp facility for all domains because we are getting high rate of spam from different users, therefore every domain owner using our internet needs to approve his domain and their ports from Storm Fiber, then they can use services as usual”.

Now in that condition, we are here to give you a solution about this issue, please compose an email from your registered email address with Storm Fiber to ( and ask them to allow your following Domain and its SMTP ports on their network.

Details you need to mention:

Domain Name: (Mention your domain name)
Incoming Ports: 995, 993, 110
Outgoing Ports: 465, 587, 25

Once you get a positive response from them, you will be able to use email services in outlook using their internet connection. Else you only have 02 solutions left:

  1. Use webmail url in browser to use email services in the browser instead of Outlook / Mobile Application
  2. Use some internet connection like Hotspot by your Mobile Network or install a fresh Internet connection by different provider such as (Nayatel, PTCL, Zong, Jazz) We have no complaints with these providers.

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