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  • dot-net$ 17.00
  • dot-org$ 16.50
  • dot-online$ 20.00
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Why Us?

More than six years, of ultimate web hosting services, on unbeatable prices, used worldwide! Be a part of it. With our top level support your productivity will sky rocket.

Unsurpassed Performance:

Xoftmade maintains its technical infrastructure in highly prestigious data centers of USA , that is connected to a fully meshed and redundant with 11 backbone providers. Among all the servers maintained by Xoftmade, there exists a further VLAN that is safeguarded by a firewall. A very stringent observation of QoS parameters is what brings you the most reliable service.

Reliable and Friendly Support:

We at Xoftmade are committed to providing the fastest and the most responsive customer service. All the e-mails are answered within 60 minutes, and all calls are attended personally by technical/support staff. Providing the solutions, and not just hosting.

Providing the solutions, and not just hosting:

We realize the fact like no other that different people need different solutions and we provide solutions that will cater for your every need. Whether you are a individual and need a simple personal web site or represent an enterprise with that requires a complicated hosting solution, we have it.

Backup System:

Currently we are providing Backup facility free of cost. We take backups inside and on another separate server frequently twice a week, fortnightly and monthly backups always prevent customers from any data loss.

Single Click Apps Installer:

Every Shared / Reseller Hosting account contain single click apps installer. Which offer over 250+ apps to install on just a single click.