bad bots on wordpress

How to block bad bots attacking on wordpress websites?

This is very common that we face Bad Bots attacking our website, it seems like dos attack coming on our website to hack it. In result of that your website ...

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wordpress migration

How to migrate your wordpress website or how to clone wordpress?

Its very easy to migrate your wordpress website from one hosting to another. Usually developers create wordpress website on a test location / demo location then want to migrate it ...

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http tp https redirection

How to enable http to https redirection in your wordpress website

Usually web hosting accounts comes with http and https at same and its up to you about which protocol you need. So in that case when server is not forcing ...

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wordpress eval base64 hack

How To Fix eval base64_decode Code Injection in WordPress

Inside a time of one month, we got numerous queries of cleanups from our customers and we were really upbeat to be the best in WordPress cleanups. While speaking with ...

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