gmail sender policy

Why Gmail Blocking Emails – New Rules

In an era where digital communication is ubiquitous, ensuring the security and integrity of emails is paramount. Recognizing this, Gmail, one of the world’s most popular email platforms, has introduced ...

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disable php functions

How to disable dangerous PHP functions on your cPanel WHM Hosting Server?

One critical aspect of server security, especially when running PHP, is the careful management of functions that can pose serious risks if misused. PHP, being a powerful server-side scripting language, ...

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roundcube contacts import

How to import contacts in Roundcube Webmail account?

Its very simple, login to your webmail (Roundcube). You need a excel (CSV format) file. Add two columns first (display_name) and second (email) then write your data under these both ...

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Exim Bug FIXED: invalid “condition” value “no

In recent cPanel update to v94.0.7 you might be facing a Greylisting error which seems like: invalid “condition” value “no “OR” invalid “condition” value “yes temporarily rejected RCPT invalid “condition” ...

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inode count

Linux Commands to Count Inode in a Web Server

If you are using a hosting control panel like cPanel then it can show your total inode usage in its statistics bar but If you need to count total Inode ...

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lets encrypt ssl

How to install Lets Encrypt AutoSSL in WHM Server

As you know cpanel has a feature to install Free SSL called AutoSSL where you can install SSL powered by cPanel instantly with a click. But in case you don’t ...

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cpanel cron job

How to remove email id from cpanel cron job notifications?

You are already aware of cPanel cron job feature as its not the topic for today. But there is on thing that you might have faced many times which is ...

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