05 Aug

Tips to Keep Your Emails Hitting the Inbox!

If you are planning to start any email program or you are already using emailing services and facing email deliver-ability to your recipient’s junk folders, we are at Xoftmade today will try to guide you how you can improve your email deliver-ability. Right now the major issue is hotmail email spam and if your emails going to spam then you have to follow our instructions. There are several ways which we have to take in mind to enhance the chances that send your emails directly in recipient’s inbox folder.

1. Get yourself on white lists.
Hotmail and yahoo! Both keep their lists of approved senders, once you are on their lists, which mean your emails will reach their inbox. And if you ever send a spam email then you could be removed from the list and your emails will not receive in inbox again. This process is not an easy way because it takes a long time to improve your worth.

2. Add limits on frequent Email sending.
Spam filters at most of email service providers look how many emails you are sending at a time. If you are sending out to a large number of email lists then we will prefer to breaks it down in several parts. For this you can add limits on your email smtp server i.e hourly number of email sending limits.

3. Avoid sending frequent emails.
It’s usual that sometimes your own loyal subscribers some time marks your emails as spam just because you are sending too many emails on daily or weekly basis which cause frustration to recipient. Hotmail always looks how frequent you are sending emails on same topic so they decided them self to through your future emails in spam folders.

4. Clean your email lists.
Some times recipient’s email spam filters penalize your domain or smtp ip with a higher spam score which means you sending too much email spam. It also means you are sending your emails to bad recipients. A bad recipient is which is disabled or not exists or has a full inbox allowed space. If you are sending emails to those recipients then you should be flagged instantly as spammer.

5. Provide a clear ‘Un Subscribe’ Link
No one like it when their subscribers are getting them self removed from your lists. But its their right and you should present a clearly seen ‘Un Subscribe’ link in your emails to allow them a simple way to get remove from your lists.

6. Get yourself in Recipient’s Contact List
If any receiver adds you in his contact list, friend list or address book then next time your all emails will reach in his inbox for sure. So you have to use every opportunity to encourage them to add you in their contact lists. For this you can ask your subscriber with a confirmation email if they want to receive your newsletters or upcoming news from you or not. A typical way to ask your customers to do this is to say, “Ensure that you continue to receive the quality information from us that you enjoy by adding us to your contact list.”

7. Test your Email service before sending emails.
Before you send your entire email list the message you’ve worked so hard on, send a test message to each of the big email providers (Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, Gmail, AOL and one generic office address that is viewed in an Outlook client). Send the test email using the exact same server and information that you’ll use with your main list. If the test ends up with most of your emails going to junk folder, then it means you’ll end up in the junk box on your main send also. The pre-send test means that you can try different subject lines and email content to try to figure out what sent you to spam.

8. Don’t Have Sloppy HTML Code
Spam filters always look for bad written html code, practically its look like you have write code in a Microsoft word file and copied to email composer. It will be preferred to use any email template you know that is with perfect code for email templates.

9. Avoid Bigger Images in your email
Embedding images in your email is not a bad idea but sending out large size of images instead of text based emails will also results in caught by email spam filters. Try to use more text and less images or lesser image size in your emails.

10. Don’t sound like a spammer?
This point is much important than all discussed above, if your emails seems like a spam means your text your phrases seems like a spam email then try to use some freely available software’s that will check your email content and score your email deliver-ability in spam or in inbox folder. Don’t use following keywords or don’t following examples:

  • Don’t use the word “free” too many times.
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS.
  • Don’t use lots of colored fonts.
  • Only use one exclamation point at a time!
  • Stay away from words you’d see in spam: Viagra, drugs, porn, guaranteed winner.
  • Note: Even if you followed all of these things and do them perfectly but still your emails going to junk folder. Email spam filters criteria changes almost daily and can be impacted by things that you have no control over. However, if you adopted above points as a good habit and send good emails that your clients want, and then you’ll get into the inbox more often than not. Xoftmade Web Solutions strongly suggest you to adopt above guidelines to prevent your emails from spam folder. Because, once an email provider thinks that your email is spam, it is very hard to get back into the inbox!

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