cpanel cron job

How to remove email id from cpanel cron job notifications?

You are already aware of cPanel cron job feature as its not the topic for today. But there is on thing that you might have faced many times which is ...

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wordpress eval base64 hack

How To Fix eval base64_decode Code Injection in WordPress

Inside a time of one month, we got numerous queries of cleanups from our customers and we were really upbeat to be the best in WordPress cleanups. While speaking with ...

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IPv4 and IPv6

Theory Here are some pages on which you can get information about IPv6: IPv6 at Xoftmade For our facilities, we have the following /32 Netz: 2001:41D0::/32 For the ...

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Speed Up WordPress Websites

Ways To Speed Up WordPress Websites

This article is about Ways To Speed Up WordPress Websites, as wordpress is a great and famous platform so people are making tons of websites on it. But this CMS ...

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Payoneer withdrawal to Local Bank in Pakistan is now free!

Payoneer withdraw to Local Bank in Pakistan is now supported and free too. You can withdraw minimum $200 to maximum $1000 anytime. And the good news is that there is ...

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How to stop hacking attempts on xmlrpc.php in WordPress Blogs?

While Monitoring my server i noticed bulk traffic to xmlrpc.php files in my hosted websites. As this is a shared server, so there are over 40 wordpress installations in it. ...

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wordpress security 1

Improve your WordPress Security (Revised Techniques)

On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day. WordPress sites can be an easy target for attacks because of themes, plugins vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software. Most WordPress ...

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How to Enable unicode utf-8 characters in wordpress blog title

Unicode and WordPress Sometime back… I was trying to put unicode characters(utf-8) in the title of a blog from wp-admin > settings > general. After saving it became like ?????????. All ...

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