20 Nov 2014

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.5 installation on ubuntu 13.04

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most popular player on windows PDF files. On Linux, there are native applications like Okular and Evince (Document Viewer) that can read pdf files easily.

Adobe initially launched the native version of Acrobat Reader for Linux like the Windows version. However, development was later arrested and 9.5.5 is the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for Linux.

There are two methods to install Acrobat Reader on ubuntu. The first is to download the Linux installation file directly from the Adobe website and the second method is to use the canonical repository.
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14 Nov 2014

How to solve “System program problem detected” error on Ubuntu

The “problem of the system program has been detected” error happens when some application hangs. Ubuntu has a PWA is responsible for detecting these collisions and with the consent of the user, report such accidents to the developers. This process is to get the problem solved by the developers.However, it can be very annoying for ordinary users, and it is unnecessary to show errors to users when they can not do anything about themselves. So you may want to disable them.
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