14 Oct 2014

Optimize MySQL database for speed and efficiency – Part 1

Database Schemas

Databases are present in almost all kinds of application that need to store information in some form or the other. Web applications like blogs, cms, social networking sites or business applications etc all have a database along with the code. The database design or schema determines how the tables and their relationships are constructed. Database design is a crucial component in the overall efficiency of a database application.

In this series of posts, I am going to talk about some tips and techniques that can assist in improving the design of your databases in order to make them faster and more efficient and easier to manage. As a disclaimer, these tips are only meant for freelancers/newbies/kids who are making small or medium sized applications every now and then. We wont be talking about optimizing a database for a bank or facebook may be, since I do not hold that much expertise. Most of these tips are my personal observations from the past projects that I did over the last decade.
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