17 Jun 2016

Payoneer withdrawal to Local Bank in Pakistan is now free!

Payoneer withdraw to Local Bank in Pakistan is now supported and free too. You can withdraw minimum $200 to maximum $1000 anytime. And the good news is that there is no transaction fee involved.

How to add local Pakistani Bank account in your Payoneer account:

1. Login to Payoneer Account
2. Click on Withdraw->To Bank Account
3. Add a Bank Account
4. Provide all details and submit application.
5. Payoneer will approve your account within 5 minutes.

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18 Oct 2014

How to get max traffic from reddit – tips for bloggers

Bloggers are always looking to share links on social bookmarking websites and reddit is one of the most common. For blogs on software programming and technology reddit can send quite a lot of traffic if there is quality content on a post/page/website. Here is screenshot of a recent traffic spike, that we got from reddit.

We post our links on reddit.com and reap good traffic. However there are certain things to be kept in mind when posting content to reddit, in order to get the maximum possible traffic. And here we are going to discuss those.

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18 Oct 2014

Simple tips to increase your google adsense cpc

Cost per click is the amount google pays for a particular click that was generated on an ad on your website. This is not constant and can vary a lot depending on various factors. It can be as low as $0.01 (which is not uncommon) and be as high as $20 (it can be even higher, that is rare). Cpc depends on the amount of money paid by an advertiser. Higher they pay, higher is the publishers earnings (who generate clicks).

However there are some known optimization techniques that can be used as an attempt to pull the cpc higher that it normally is. So I would like to mention some of them, which I tried and got visible results. We are not talking about tips like targeting higher cpc keywords and related. Its stupid to tell a programmer to blog on insurance or photography. Optimization targets at improving whatever is there already.

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