31 May 2017

IPv4 and IPv6

Here are some pages on which you can get information about IPv6:

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv6
  • http://www.olympus-zone.net/page_1033_en_Blue.html
  • IPv6 at Xoftmade

    For our facilities, we have the following /32 Netz: 2001:41D0::/32

    For the routing we use Cisco routers 6k (6509 SUP720 card with the native IPv6 packets to route).

    Every customer with a dedicated server at Xoftmade has a fixed IPv4, one or more IpFailover and 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 addresses (ie a /64) are attached to the IPv4 server.

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    15 Aug 2016

    Ways To Speed Up WordPress Websites

    This article is about Ways To Speed Up WordPress Websites, as wordpress is a great and famous platform so people are making tons of websites on it. But this CMS has a weak point too which is its slow speed, without taking proper steps while making your website on wordpress it will end up in a mess and ultimately you will loose your precious traffic due to this issue. So there are several ways to improve and speed up your wordpress websites such as:

    1. Choose a Good Theme:
    Always choose good themes for your website and never use nulled themes for your website as it has many loopholes in it. There are several tools available where you can test the theme speed before choosing it for your website. Such as google developer speed testing or (https://tools.pingdom.com) read more

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    17 Jun 2016

    Payoneer withdrawal to Local Bank in Pakistan is now free!

    Payoneer withdraw to Local Bank in Pakistan is now supported and free too. You can withdraw minimum $200 to maximum $1000 anytime. And the good news is that there is no transaction fee involved.

    How to add local Pakistani Bank account in your Payoneer account:

    1. Login to Payoneer Account
    2. Click on Withdraw->To Bank Account
    3. Add a Bank Account
    4. Provide all details and submit application.
    5. Payoneer will approve your account within 5 minutes.

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    04 Jun 2016

    How to stop hacking attempts on xmlrpc.php in WordPress Blogs?

    While Monitoring my server i noticed bulk traffic to xmlrpc.php files in my hosted websites. As this is a shared server, so there are over 40 wordpress installations in it. And that day i have noticed a continuous attack on 8 websites, a single request on xmlrpc.php took average 200MB to 250MB of memory and these requests were continuous 10 to 20 per second on each website. Which results in system instability and caused my server out of memory then eventually crashed.

    Now a days hackers started using xmlrpc.php instead of wp-login.php to execute their brute force attacks and the problem is, since wordpress version 3.5 we can’t disable the use of xmlrpc.php at least not from wordpress settings. But there are few ways, lets discuss them one by one.

    1. Deleting xmlrpc.php
    This is not recommended as after every wordpress update this file will be replaced so its not the smartest way to deal with.

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